Spanish Nationalists

In the official Russian discourse, the word “nationalist” stands for “indescribably evil.” So in the news reports of the past week it’s been “Spanish nationalists vs Catalonians.” It really sounds like mean Spanish nationalists are trying to separate from Catalonia.

I hope everybody understands why the Kremlin detests the very nationalism it’s so eagerly sponsoring in other countries. 

Sunday Link Encyclopedia

The FBI is busy investigating pig kidnapping. No, I mean real pigs.

It’s embarrassing to see people engage in this kind of ridiculous discussions

Misunderstanding a new kind of gender dysphoria.” Also known as the dark side of consumerism.

Since there’s at will firing anyway, I guess we shouldn’t care about this case that will decide if workplace discrimination against transgender people is legal? I still care, though, and I believe it should definitely be against the law.

The Post-mass shooting checklist. Brilliant.

An insight into the marshmallow test that’s actually interesting

This is probably the creepiest family I’ve seen in ages. That poor little girl. 

Real feminism is happening in India.

How to stay productive when you fly

Loved this article by an environmental journalist.

I‘m stunned by how weak and pathetic some academics are.


I’m beginning to suspect that the American Translator Association bribed Zuckerberg to install automatic machine-generated translations into FB posts. The algorithm used can’t translate even the simplest sentence without doing something deeply ridiculous to it, making every translator who sees this desaster swell with pride. 

Not a Robot

If a person doesn’t remain in a state of near-religious bliss all of the time she spends with her children, if she sometimes feels tired, exhausted, frustrated, angry, annoyed, etc., this doesn’t mean she’s a bad mother. It means she’s not a robot. 

And those poor dumb broads who repress all of these normal emotions and never confess to themselves that they are experiencing them end up unconsciously sabotaging their kids in very harsh ways. Because the repressed always returns and bites you in the ass. You can’t truly love somebody whose existence forces you to abdicate your humanity. The beatific, saccharine mommies end up hating their kids. 

And it could all be avoided if they felt free to say, every once in a while, “Gosh, this is exhausting / boring / frustrating / impossible. I’m so fucking tired.”

Anybody who tries to suggest I should become one of the saccharine mommies will get their ass whooped. It makes me really furious.


A well-known author in the poetry world plagiarized parts of her memoir from Wikipedia. It’s a very blatant thing, as you’ll see if you look at the copy-pasted passages. Even my freshmen know that, of all the sources to plagiarize, cribbing from Wikipedia is just too pathetic. I haven’t seen a student plagiarize Wikipedia for almost a decade.

But what’s really stunning is how many people support the plagiarist saying that it’s not a bit deal, it’s just a few quotes she lifted, she’s a good person overall, and why are people nitpicking over such small stuff. The author herself is saying that, with all the serious stuff going on in the world,why would anybody care about any of this. 

The whole thing is bizarre.