Putin’s Maddow

Rachel Maddow announced today that South Africa is the only country that voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons. For somebody who denounces Russian propagandists so much, she surely does a good job pushing Russia’s lies on her show. 

All of these Russian revelations stink to high heaven. 

And no, I don’t think she does anything in bad faith. She’s just a convenient fool. Who do you think feeds her all the stuff she talks about on her show every night? It’s the same people she is so eagerly denouncing.

Frequency of Analysis

Traditionally, psychoanalytic clients had sessions 4 times a week for 45 minutes. However, it’s important to remember that Freud’s clients didn’t work 40+hours a week and \ or raise kids and do all the household chores with no servants.

The world has changed, and working folks today can’t sustain this rhythm. I know somebody – it’s not me because I could never afford it – who started doing 2 sessions a week and almost exploded because it was too fast and too much. Four times a week would have killed her for sure. 

A serious, experienced analyst today will match your rhythm and will see you once a week or once every two weeks, whatever suits you best.


What I hate about literatures of endangered languages is that they really overdo the folksy thing. After a millionth novel set in a bucolic countryside where everybody dances barefoot over a freshly picked crop of the eminently local whatevers and exchanges hoary tales of hamlet wisdom, one begins to wonder if nobody who speaks the language has ever gotten off the pumpkin cart and discovered the wonders of electricity and these newfangled devices called shoes. 

Saizarbitoria doesnt follow this unfortunate trend. He writes in Basque with such easy, unapologetic freedom that you’d think the world hegemony of this language is an incontrovertible fact. And I love it.

Fucking Over the Dreamers

I’m rushed so I’m not sure I’m reading this right. Are the Democrats refusing to make a deal on the Dreamers? They want to keep them hanging because making a deal with Trump would [attempt very unsuccessfully to] prevent more of these sad situations from happening? 

This is one issue where the rank hypocrisy of the Democrats makes me want to not vote for them ever. These are 800,000 people whose tragic situation could be resolved already. And this opportunity is going to be squandered for what crucial gain, exactly? What’s the enormous upside that will make this sacrifice worth it?

Let’s hope I misunderstood and the Democrats make the deal already.


You know what’s amazing? Basque literature. Of course, I’m reading it in translation but oh, wow. Out of this world. I’m in the middle of an 800- page novel by Ramon Saizarbitoria and obviously I’m not ready for a review because I’m not done but he’s literally a genius. Incredible writing. 

Now I want to drop everything and go read nothing but Basque literature.