Shame on Drexel!

university decided to put a tenured professor on administrative leave because a bunch of snowflakes got their tender fee-fees hurt by a retelling of a retelling of his tweet

What a pathetic school, and what a lousy administration and faculty if they let this happen. 

Tidy Moms

We have this new kids’ gym in town for kids with autism, sensory processing issues, Down’s syndrome, and everybody else. It’s a great place with tons of toys, equipment, trampolines, swings, toy carriages, etc. I took Klara there today, and we had tons of fun.

One thing, though, weirded me out. There were two mothers – not employees, just regular visitors – who kept trying to keep the room tidy. There were about fifteen kids of different ages engaged in very active play. Tidying up was nothing but counterproductive. And entirely useless since the gym has employees who tidy up and clean everything after closing.

It got to this really ridiculous point where a couple of 5-year-olds would set up toy bowling pins and go looking for a ball. When they returned a minute later, the bowling pins were all stored away by these moms. The kids set up the bowling pins again, but guess what? The tidy moms had put away the ball. You can imagine how loud these kids wailed when this happened.

One of the tidy moms was there with three kids and the other one had two. And here is what I wonder. Don’t they have enough picking up after kids at home? I’m not excessively tidy, to put it very very mildly, but it feels like all I do is pick things up all over the house. The whole point of a gym like this is for the parent to veg out in peace while the kids run around. Why else even pay the membership?

People confuse me all the time.

Putin’s Assange

The cofounder of the California separatist group Yes California said in an interview Monday that the group welcomes “the vocal support” of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who recently began tweeting about the California independence campaign known as “Calexit.” 

Of course, Assange will say anything the Kremlin orders him to say. American secessionism is Putin’s most cherished dream.