More Monkeys

So I did buy a second monkey in hopes that it would make my life easier. But not so fast! Klara has figured out that there are now two monkeys and demands that I provide both at any given time. I’m very happy I didn’t buy 3. 

Will, Too

Women on Facebook are running a meme where everybody posts “me, too” if they have been sexually harassed. I can do even better and post “I will be, in three weeks” because I’m traveling to a conference in Santo Domingo and I can predict my sexually harassed future. 

Love Grandpas

I’m sorry, folks, I’m running around on union business, so I’m short on insight. I just walked into the den of the dragon – a passionate anti-union colleague twice my age – and got him to sign our petition. So I’m super proud of myself. I’ll know I lost my thing when I stop having an effect on grandpas.