Stop the Melodrama

I don’t want to hear what Trump is saying to grieving wives and mothers. Neither do I want to hear how some slimy Florida politician is exploiting the situation to get Twitter mentions. 

What I do want to know is why US soldiers are in Niger, why they are dying there, why requests for funding and improved communications that would help avoid such deaths have gone unanswered, and what will be done to prevent this from happening again. 

Trump doesn’t suck because his bedside manner is deficient. He sucks because he can’t govern a kitty litter box, let alone a country. 

More Hypocrisy

I watched the very beginning of the Sessions’ testimony and I’m glad it was made very clear that Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama were super cosy with the Russians. It’s only now that everybody is faking outrage over the Kremlin’s shady dealings that they participated in or, at best, pretended not to notice.

And this is why I’m not following the Russian scandal.

Ukrainian Refugees in Israel

Israel will now deport Ukrainians seeking asylum in the country within a week. This decision is based on Israel’s resolution that Ukraine is a safe country.

I most wholeheartedly agree that Ukraine is safer than Israel and I’m pleasantly surprised that Israel finally recognized this. 


McCain ranted against “half-baked spurious nationalism” yesterday. This begs the question of what his party has offered in lieu of that. Dismantling the nation-state so that the Kochs can skip the next tax payment? The right to freak out and shoot into a crowd? Alienation and rootlessness masked as freedom and opportunity? 

First, you do everything you can to undermine the nation-state model to benefit the supranational, highly mobile elites and then you wonder why people turn to half-baked nationalism to preserve at least a few shreds of what you are so busily trying to take away from them. Those bastards. How could they. 

Fuck all that. 

Not Cute

The reality in my family is that my spouse is the smart Kim. She’s the Dr. Kim that you want. It made sense for us to build our household economy around my spouse’s career. I’m part of a proud tradition of husbands who married up. Each day we feel lucky that our partner married us.

Christ Lord, what a creepy relationship. Even as a joke this is not remotely funny. 

It’s also quite annoying that IHE publishes something like this when written by a man but would never publish the same kind of thing if it were written by a woman who feels fortunate that her brilliant husband deigned to condescend to her.