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Just saw this Frederica Wilson person on TV for the first time. 


I think the best thing for everybody is to forget this whole story as soon as possible.

Two Sides

The downtown area of St Charles, Missouri is strictly divided in two halves. In the first, families buy artisanal soap and $40 baby outfits, and then take their kids to drink homemade lemonade with huge local cookies in the bourgeois quiet of stylized local shoppes. 

In the second, rowdy people stumble from one bar to another, hoping to meet somebody to pair off and eventually go buy soap and cookies in the bourgeois part of the town. 


Progressives preach about — and to — people with whom they have no real connection, and do so in ways that would embarrass them to death if it were a racial line rather than a class line they were crossing in such a state of pristine ignorance. They are the mirror image of white conservatives who wonder why poor black people in the Bronx can’t just “act white” and get with the program.

So totally, completely and utterly true. The current progressive discourse of “triggers, structural inequalities, me-toos, Harvey Weinsteins” and all the rest of it sounds deranged and idiotic to the very people the progressives try to speak to and for.