Methods of Communication

When something shocking or super important happens to you that you want to share with people, do you

1. Grab your phone and begin dialing.

2. Send texts. 

3. Send emails. 

4. Post on Facebook.

5. Tweet. 

6. Open Snapchat (whatever that is).

7. Find people and tell them in person. 

8. Another option.

I’ll text and then post on the blog. 


Some dumb fucker who worked in a stupid HR department wrote an article that begins with “Women are a human resources nightmare.” There is nothing worse in any business than HR departments. Of course, in academia we also have Diversity offices and those are even worse. So we are doubly screwed. 


Klara opened one of her Dr Seuss books that she’s only had for a week on the page that says,”In the house and on the street”, pointed to the words and recited, “In the house and on the street.” It was very scary. She can also recite the words to itsy-bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star. She obviously doesn’t understand all of the words. She memorizes them by ear. 

I thought the music teacher was trying to be nice when she said Klara was musical but now I’m thinking it might be true. I need to get her a book of children’s poetry. 


There are 3 things I always wanted to try: Weetabix, lemon curd and Marmite. I read a lot of British mysteries, and people in them by the train-load. 

So yesterday I found a British store and bought all three. The lemon curd turned out to be amazing but Marmite. . . God, folks, how do you eat this stuff? It’s disgusting. I read about people slathering it on toast but the taste must be hideous.