How can these people run for office if they can’t even make simple hiring decisions without crapping all over themselves? Hillary placed the wife of a notorious and very public pedophile at the center of her campaign. Bernie, as we are discovering, was advised by Putin’s employee. Trump. . . well, I don’t have to tell you. 

Bernie’s Russian

“A high-level adviser and operative for the Bernie Sanders campaign” has gone back to Russia to participate in a disgusting political show organized by Putin to sustain his staying in power for several years more. 

I have no words. That’s what we need right now. A Putin scandal attached to Bernie Sanders and Obama. Why the Democrats are so convinced that they need to keep all this Russian trash so close by at all times is a mystery. 

In a campaign where Putin was so openly rooting for Trump, what kind of a bizarre decision is it to place Putin’s employee in the position of your adviser? Isn’t it obvious that all he’ll do is sabotage?
These people. Seriously.

Rauner, the Biker Edition

Rauner has announced he’s running for reelection. Folks, this guy is such a clown. Get this: he ditched his famous flannel shirts and posed for his first campaign video in a biker jacket. What a transparent loser. 

If you know people in Illinois, please talk to them or direct them to my blog. I will be covering this election extensively. I get my information from very good sources, and you all know that I’ve always been right on what I shared with you about Illinois politics. 

A Mess

This committee is slaughtering me, folks. The chair of the committee says, “Please interview person X at such and such time in Building ABC, room #123.” 

So I’m sitting in front of room #123 at the appointed time but person X is not there. The chair of the committee passes by and asks, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m interviewing person X, remember?” I say. 

“He’s not here. He told me later he was going to be at [an entirely different place].”

And she failed to tell me about it because it clearly makes no sense to inform the person doing the interview about the interview.

And it’s all like this, all of the time.

“I Clean Nose”

Klara loves describing her actions in complete sentences. She sees a box of Kleenex, takes one and says, “I clean nose.” She cleans her nose and says, “I putting back.” Then she puts the Kleenex back into the box. The nose doesn’t need cleaning. She simply loves to be able to identify actions. 

The Flaky Flake

So some idiot Republican made yet another completely inconsequential speech about Trump. They all discover a profound hatred for Trump two minutes before they are about to croak or retire. After a lifetime spent making Trump possible, they should keep the crocodile tears to themselves.

What a pathetic, undignified spectacle.