Sunday Fun

I was at a party today at the house of an elementary school teacher and a professor from my school. They have an enormous, beautiful ranch out in the country with incredible views. They are from the area which makes it easier, but still, it’s good to see that a guy who teaches small kids and a woman who works for a state college in a broke state can live so well.

I was invited to the party by people who are not in academia, by the way. Only the couple who invited me and my family weren’t Trump supporters there. Everybody else was. Not that anybody talked about politics. 

Now we are wondering why we didn’t buy a house out in the country. It’s impossibly beautiful there. And we saw cows, which made Klara very happy. I still can’t get over how fat cows are on this continent. Cows back in Ukraine looked very emaciated.

I Like Complexity

I like N because he is a very complex person. When he opens his mouth, I never know what he is going to say. He’s always studying arcane, unpredictable subjects and develops the strangest hobbies. 

He has very Spartan tastes and still wears the clothes he had when we first met. He’s never had a smartphone and is using a 5-year-old cell he bought at Walmart for $20. And I can’t convince him to let go of a laptop that’s older than our marriage and get a new one because he says it’s still quite usable.

Yet today we went to pick out eyeglasses for him and he chose Salvatore Ferragamo frames. And it wasn’t by mistake. He knows the brand. I supported the choice because he looks sensational in them.