Santo Domingo Temptations

People are asking if I might be tempted to skip all the conference sessions in Santo Domingo next week and just go to the beach instead.

The real temptation, though, will be to stay in my hotel room, reading books and sleeping.

The End of Lottery?

“I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program,” he said. “I am going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program.”

Why, why does it have to be Trump to take a stand against this abomination? It was created by Bush, for Pete’s sake. Bush! It should have been a Dem issue. Nobody likes the lottery. You can’t possibly lose by attacking it. It should have been named “the Bush lottery” and used to trounce Republicans.

What to Talk About

This is what the Democrats should be talking about all day and every day:

The biggest political land mine for Republicans is their proposal to prohibit people from deducting their state-and-local taxes, or SALT, from their federal bill.

The idiotic Mueller scandal will not bring any votes. The people who follow it are all already eagerly voting Democrats. 

Voters clearly want populism and more of it. But the DNC is not listening. In Illinois, Democrats seem to be planning to run the corrupt and politically inexperienced billionaire Pritzker for governor. Because it’s so smart to have two dumb rich assholes fighting it out in the election. Folks, you know how I feel about Rauner. But my level of enthusiasm for Pritzker is lower than zero. I was going to go out and knock on doors for any half-decent candidate. But I’m not doing anything for some dumbass billionaire.


Putin announced that the US are gathering genetic material from people all over Russia. “We all know why they are so deeply interested in us,” he said meaningfully but refused to elaborate any further. 

The best way to get rid of Putin would be to reveal to him how truly uninterested Americans are in Russia. The poor jilted fellow would off himself immediately.

Scary Bunny

And as a very special treat, here is a picture of the scariest bunny in our neighborhood who slaughtered everybody with her cuteness:

Her favorite Halloween treat was a lamb samosa. I never thought she’d want a very spicy samosa but she literally tore it out of my mouth and devoured more than a half.