Across the Ocean

Or here is another example. A fellow wrote a good, intelligent, passionate post in defense of gay rights. And he was shredded into pieces because he used an incorrect word for gay. Mind you, not an offensive word. A grammatically incorrect one that constitutes the (not a, the) popular usage. 

The reason why people use this possibly grammatically incorrect term is that they haven’t spent much time on activist websites and don’t speak the current language of this activism. There was clearly no bad intention, the fellow apologized profusely several times, but nothing was enough. In the end, he deleted the post and made the blog subscription only. 

We’ve all seen and experienced it here but what slaughters me is how fast this shit travelled across the ocean. 


The calling out culture spreads around the planet like rot. Somebody in a very homophobic third-world country writes on their Facebook page something like, “Hey, folks, I’m done with all these dumb homophobic comments I keep seeing. What are we, savages or something, to believe this dumb crap? From now on, I will be unfriending anybody who posts anti-gay crap, and if you want to call me a homo because of that, I will gladly be a homo.”

Immediately, a bunch of self-righteous fools appears and begins the calling-out game we all know so well. “You are forgetting intersectionality! Your use of the word savages demonstrates that you are a racist! And your use of the word homo demonstrates that you are a homophobe! People like you are the problem! Stay away from our anti-gay movement! We don’t need a bigot like you!”

This is a country that has concentration camps for gay people and where murders of gays are at an all-time high. 

And I see this kind of shit everywhere where people try to say anything at all progressive. Immediately, a crowd of officious do-gooders appears and begins to bully and censor, making it seem that unless you can get the currently correct verbiage exactly right, you should not even approach the subject. I’m not likely to see FB pages or discussion groups of people who espouse right-wing views, so I have no idea if the purging is as intense. What I am noticing is that the Leftist movements everywhere get the bullying part down a lot faster than they manage to achieve anything else. 

They Liked It

Also, why is it so impossibly hard to accept that people who voted for Trump simply liked what he had to say? And no amount of revelations about the “Russian collusion” will convince them that they didn’t hear him say what he did and didn’t like it? Because that’s the simple truth. It’s not like he’s so silent and inscrutable that anybody needs to spread false information to explain what he wants to say. The guy hasn’t been able to shut up from the start. 

No Ifs

“What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn’t matter?” asks a journalist at Vox. This naive creature is still using an “if” here. The whole problem here is that it doesn’t matter in the least except to a tiny minority. People who think it does matter need to get out of their tiny little bubble and talk to somebody outside of it. This will be truly eye-opening. 

I Need a Rest

I actually missed the beginning of the new season of SVU. Wow. Maybe I need to see a doctor. This can’t be normal. 

By the way, yesterday Klara put her spider bathtub toys next to each other, pointed at them, and said “two spiders!” She actually used the plural. She can count to 8, recognizes numbers from 1 to 9 by sight, and can recite the beginning of the alphabet. And she speaks in complete sentences and knows the difference between I and you. And she says things like “Grandma made soup” without any prompting. 

The second paragraph of the post explains the first. And the title. 

The Program

I’m working on the program of my activities in Santo Domingo. The process goes as follows: “On Saturday there will be a bus tour of the island with a visit to the cultural center and a talk on transnationalism. Screw that. Oh, wait, it’s 2 hours 40 minutes either way. I can do a ton of reading. I’m going!”


This is why you shouldn’t waste one minute of your life on Twitter. I have read a few super popular tweets over the years, and it always, without exception, turned out to be that the reason why the authors were using this medium was that they were trying to conceal something.

Any issue, even something as trivial as what I had for breakfast, can be turned into a scandalous, provocative tweet. If a person turns to Twitter to discuss serious issues, the first question should always be, “what are they trying to conceal?” The truth is always in whatever doesn’t get into the 140 characters.