Sunday Breakfast

People on social media are discussing the Sunday family breakfasts they remember from their childhood. Not surprisingly, whatever they usually ate on those family Sunday mornings is still their favorite food. 

Our typical [very Soviet Ukrainian] Sunday breakfast consisted of baked potatoes, pickled cabbage fresh from the collective farmer market (yes, it’s what it was called), black rye bread, pickled cucumbers or tomatoes, and either salted herring or Soviet bologna (which tastes a million times better than the one you know.)

It’s still the food I’d choose over anything else.

What’s your childhood Sunday breakfast? Do you still like that food?

Sunday Morning

Once again, Klara somehow knew about the time change, and let us sleep in until 9 am. Then we went to a diner and tried to reward her with French toast. She was indifferent to it, though, and preferred to play with her goldfish crackers, moving them from the bowl to the plate and back.