I wonder if I could always be this alert and energetic if I had no psychological problems. That would be something.

And it’s not like I’m unfocused when I’m hyper. I already read a third of the book I bought at the Miami airport.

The Hostel

Wow, folks, the hotel I’m staying at is the bomb. I have no idea how my husband always manages to get fantastic deals for hotels. And he must have gotten a sensational deal if my cheapskate university agreed to pay for it.

The hotel is called a hostel but it’s a hostel like I’m thin and dainty. A bunch of people who traveled here for the conference were shuttled to their hotels. When we got to mine, everybody exclaimed, “Wow, who’s the millionaire who is staying here??” And I had to disembark with everybody staring at me like I’m some creepy chick from Harvard.

On the even more positive note, people shared that I’m getting the first review for my new book soon. This is super cool because the book just came out and things in academia tend to move slowly.

And I’m still so hyper that I’m out-hypering even the Dominicans. 

A Nice Surprise

I love Miami Airport. At the airport newsstand, there are several magazines and books in Spanish. I immediately bought a book. Of course, it’s by a Cuban dissident, but it’s the principle of the thing. They also had a book by Ray Loriga, which is strange because he’s a Spanish GenX writer, and that’s not a compliment. I will be condemned to reading unreformed Spanish GenXers in hell. So I had to settle on the Cuban dissident because the rest of the books were motivational volumes for Hispanic women, and that’s worse than zoophiliac porn. 

Sheesh, I’m so hyper that I don’t want to imagine what the crash will be like. I hope it comes after I get to the hotel. Which by the way is located in a building that was built over 500 years ago. So yeah! Go get ’em!

The Valley of Silly Kids

On the flight I read the story in The Atlantic about this funny kid in the Silicone Valley who sells vegan mayonnaise and markets his company as some sort of a hugely important tech thing that will save the world. The reporter pokes merciless fun at the fellow who represents the Valley culture of crazy startups where kids like him roll out grandiose ideas to get enormous amounts of funding from venture capitalists. For the most part, all they end up producing is rhetoric and vapid dreams. 

I think what the kid is doing is cute and the Valley culture he embodies is not a bad thing. Where I come from the mega rich waste money on nothing but solid gold diamond-encrusted bidets and million-dollar cars they race down city streets mowing down pedestrians and folks in cheap vehicles. It’s great that there’s a place where the very rich are sated enough that they feel like donating part of their crazy riches to fund the dreams of kids from Southwestern Podunkburg. Once these kids get fed and have “a room of their own”, they might actually come up with something useful. Even if it’s just a jar of mayo. 

Also, for as long as these rich bastards are distracted by fantasies of ultra special super duper techy mayonnaise, they’ll stay out of messing with public education even more than they already do, fuck their idiotic minds. So yeah, let them all congregate in their very funny little reservation and try to outcrazy each other into a stupor. I find it all to be very cute. 

Long Road

In Charlottesville, the scene of white supremacist violence in August that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer, “raw votes cast were up 31 percent,” reports FiveThirtyEight.

What stinks is that it had to go this far for people to wake the fuck up. I’m glad about the Virginia results but now is not the time for complacency and self-congratulation. This is the very first step on what can only be a very long road. 


Back in June, I was at the busy LaGuardia airport and I saw TSA pre check, so I told N how convenient it must be. I just mentioned it in passing, as a general observation, no big deal. But he immediately researched it, got together all the paperwork, filed it, and set up an appointment for me. All I had to do was show up at the appointment and get fingerprinted. And now I have TSA pre check. I don’t have to wait in line or take off my shoes any more.

N is always like that. Anything I mention, he goes and gets it for me or does it. It’s the way my great-grandfather was when I was a kid. I’d make an effort not to ask for anything because I knew that he’d go crazy to fulfill every whim of his little darling.

All of my boyfriends were like this. Don’t get me wrong, they had numerous faults, the main of which was that they weren’t N. But they helped me to avoid becoming a nagging person because I never needed to. 

Thanks, great-grandpa.