Good Touching and Bad Touching

Is it true that Trump touched Putin’s shoulder at the summit? The Russian media are reporting it with so much jouissance that I begin to suspect they are trying to invest the occasion with erotic undertones. It’s like, did he touch him or did he touch him up?

More Cultural Stuff

Throughout the meal at the local Peruvian restaurant, the waiter and I chatted comfortably in Spanish. But after I left a large tip (because I’m trying to be nice and I don’t want to exploit the local workers who get tiny salaries for serving tourists), he switched to English and there was no way of getting him to go back to Spanish.

Another Cultural Mystery

The very first graffiti I saw in the DR as we were driving from the airport was of a swastika. And then another one. And another. The word “Obama” was written under one of them. 

I’m not a Latin Americanist, and I have no explanation for this. The area we were passing when I saw the graffiti was that of very typical Central American slums with 100% Afro-Caribbean population. 

Mystery Solved

Ah, so this is why several women told me that the Trump sex talk tapes made them less likely to vote for Hillary. I was on a different continent until 1998, so I had no idea about any of this.

What I don’t get is what possessed Hillary to use the tape with all this history. 

I wouldn’t have supported her at all if I’d known any of this. I’d just be for Bernie, hopeless as it was. 

Day 2 of the Conference

Well, one thing has become abundantly clear. I’m too old for hard-core partying. I’m completely wiped out today, and I wasn’t even at the cigar party.

One funny thing I wanted to mention is that I listened to a talk yesterday where the speaker argued that the TV show Girls is a lot more feminist than Sex and the City. To me, they are both deeply un-feminist but Girls isn’t even fun, unlike S&C. Again, it probably is an age thing but I found Girls to be entirely incomprehensible and couldn’t watch more than an episode. 

This was the only bizarre talk I have heard so far, though. The rest of the talks have been very good. Some of the presenters are very talented speakers and I didn’t even get distracted, which I always do when speakers stare at their papers and drone on. 

I’m speaking today and chairing a session with some very cool people in it.