A Good Wife

After 10 years in the Midwest, my husband discovered the concept of takeout food yesterday.

I’m an Alien

feel like I inhabit a different planet when I read these reports. I can’t relate to a single word of this thing. 

A day doesn’t go by without me thanking my lucky stars for landing me in a profession that lets me spend tons of time with my kid, read kilos of books for fun, and indulge my passion for watching tons of trashy TV and wander about aimlessly. And travel to places like the DR, calling it “work.” 

How is it possible to have such diametrically opposed experiences?

Closing Remarks

So my former thesis advisor showed up at the conference and came to my talk. Since then, we’ve been joined at the hip like popular mean girls. She’s the popular one because she’s at Yale and she’s the guest of honor. But we end up gossiping and laughing like crazy all the time and  I’m sure it all looks totally middle school.

An attendee at the conference gave us a questionnaire that was so poorly worded and confusing that I immediately felt like a bad student who is failing a quiz. The thesis advisor, on the other hand, started correcting the questionnaire and writing mean comments in the margins. This brought back all of the heart-warming memories of how she used to do this to my papers back in the day.

It was a truly shitty questionnaire, though. 

Conference, Day 3

That being said, this is the best conference I’ve ever been to. Most of the talks I heard are fantastic. The cultural program doesn’t make me want to skip it. The plenary talks are great. And everything is very well organized.

I’m thinking we should hold more conferences in the countries of the Caribbean because people here take scholarship very seriously and it ends up being a wonderful experience.

Banishing Literature

I’m very angry right now. The leadership of the Association of Female Hispanic Literature and Culture has been renamed into “Association for the Study of Genders and Sexualities.” The explanation is that we need to be more inclusive.

Of course, nobody cares that this name is not inclusive of me. Because I study literature. That’s what I do, and I refuse to feel bad about it. I don’t study “genders and sexualities.” What am I, a sexologist? 

I’m so angry to see that the word “literature” is being banished from the names of departments and professional associations. Nobody is making us do it. No evil administrator or business person is forcing us to avoid the word “literature” like it’s something shameful. I’m literally shaking with rage. I love this conference. It’s my favorite. And now I don’t think I can come any more because it doesn’t reflect what I do and it would look bizarre on my CV. 

I still don’t understand who it is we are being inclusive of with this new name since every single person here is a literary critic or artist. 

Medical Question

In the Dominican Republic, I always get these horrible ojeras (What do you call them? Dark patches?) under my eyes. And they get progressively worse with every day of the stay. It only happens in the DR, never at home or in Europe. 

I only drink bottled water, don’t touch alcohol in spite of the constant exhortations to participate in the tasting of the traditional Dominican beverage rum Brugal,” get good sleep, etc. Does anybody know what causes this? It bothers me because ojeras normally mean kidney issues, and I had two rounds of severe gestational diabetes, which means kidney damage.