Newspaper of Whose Record?

NYTimes published an article accompanied with a map that shows the Crimea as Russian territory. Now neither the author nor the paper can explain how it could have happened and where the false picture came from. 

Mystery Solved

I have finally understood why so many students come to college without knowing the names of the continents and not having the vaguest idea of what the Cold War was, when WWII happened, who Jews are, or what language is spoken in Australia.

Students in high school take such courses as, and I quote, “Culinary Arts, Child Development, Social Justice, Health, and Accounting.”

Storm in a Teacup

Currently, these tuition waivers are paid by the college directly to itself, on behalf of the graduate student, and are not counted as taxable income. Under the new GOP tax plan, however, those tuition waivers would be taxed as regular income, making graduate school an unaffordable proposition except for those already independently wealthy….This is money that, as a student, you never see. It’s paid to the University by the University on your behalf, and you don’t pay taxes on it.

This is also money that is never named. My PhD tuition was waived, and nobody ever mentioned any actual figures. The schools that want to attract talented grad students can simply say the amount waived is twenty bucks. This is precisely what will happen because everybody wants the smartest, not the richest, grad students.

Small Town

I’m back home, folks! And off to the supermarket because the Dominican food is nice but I haven’t had any borscht for days, and I’m jonesing something major. 

The older gentleman who is bagging the groceries says, “Ah, I can see you are showing off a new coat. It’s beautiful! Although I like that dark grey you have, too.”

When I first started living in a small town, this kind of thing would totally freak me out. But now I love it and find it endearing. 

Nazanin Ratcliffe

What is entirely beyond my comprehension is who goes on holiday to Iran, of all places? And takes a small child there? 

When people leave totalitarian states, like the emigrants from the USSR or from Cuba did, they know they can’t go back because it’s very dangerous. Back in the 1970s, for instance, it was tragic because people left knowing they’d never see their family members and would never even be able to write letters. There wasn’t Skype back then, and calling on the phone was out of the question. And people accepted it, hard as it might have been.

Today with Skype, email and phone, risking a “holiday” in Iran is insane. So I think Boris Johnson was actually saying the truth the first time around.

P.S. Is it even a story here in the US? I’ve seen it on the British channels at the DR, but I’m not sure anybody here is following. I just find the whole thing to be very weird, and the husband seems to be hiding a lot. Can you imagine a fellow who would sign a permission for the wife to take his 22-month kid vacationing in Iran? Can you imagine a mother who’d do such a thing? I’m not taking Klara to the DR because I’m afraid the water will upset her tummy. This is such a weird story, and I’m sure we don’t know half of it.