Tuesday Link Encyclopedia

Finally, some good news in the Piazza case (a hazing death on campus).

U.S. servicemembers in uniform aren’t coming under attack by anyone in the Resistance. . .” Wait, is ‘Resistance’ still a thing? Or is this post by somebody who just came out of a year-long coma?

More revelations about the plagiarizing poet. If you follow this whole story, it’s captivating.

The mentally ill are welcomed to the army. Of course, nothing can possibly go wrong with arming mentally ill folks to the teeth and training them to kill. 

Trump must be a fantastic president if people need to resort to this ridiculous crap to make him look bad

The real problem is the Republican party. They’re planning to starve us to death. If, that is, their leader doesn’t get us all killed first.” Yes, this is a real problem in the US right now. We are all about to starve. Let me go fix myself another snack as I await the imminent starvation at the hands of evil Trump. 

woman pretends to be Emily Dickinson on her online dating profile.

It’s clear that the author of this screed is seeing zero irony in what he’s saying: “You wanna know why Broaddrick and the other allegations didn’t lead to the collapse of the Clinton presidency and the whipping of the man into the hinterlands? Because Republicans had been fucking pricks about Clinton from the moment he became the Democratic nominee and by the time we got to Broaddrick, everyone was fucking sick of Republicans screaming about scandals and having hearings and appointing special prosecutors whenever one Clinton or the other farted longer than they liked.” Self-awareness is a rare and unusual gift. 

BNW Challenge, #1

The BNW challenge, for those of you who are not on FB, consists of people publishing 10 black and white photos of their lives that contain no humans and no something else I currently forget. 

I want to do the challenge but I’m too tired to take perfect pictures. I want to post honest first-try photos that are snapped carelessly and show my life as is. 

The first photo is of my desk. And it’s been in this state for weeks. And will be for several more. Maybe forever.

Diversity Police Needed

By whiteness — as an institution, as discourse and as the invisible norm –– I am referring to the entitlements provided to most professors by virtue of a white academic institution that privileges cultural norms of formal communication, professionalism and appropriateness.

The prose is very bad and hard to decipher but it sounds like this fellow is saying that non-white people are rude, unprofessional and inappropriate. 

Of course, the guy is a sociologist, so what can you expect? But I still hope a diversity committee looks into him because a white guy like him insinuating such racist ideas is definitely suspect.


I am a judge for a regional high school student competition. Students are given a quote from a great thinker and have to write an essay about it. This year’s quote is complex and deep. 

The high-schoolers who participate in the contest struggle with a quote that they are too young to understand. I struggle with faulty grammar, endless dictionary definitions, and adolescent posturing.

And then, the very last of the 27 “best of the best” essays offers an unexpected gift. The young author decided to skip stringing on platitudes in essay form and handed in a short story instead. The connection between the story and the quote is strong but understated. And there’s definitely talent. It’s a budding talent that will need time to mature but it’s there. 

Of course, I gave this kid the highest marks. But I don’t think he’ll win because he didn’t follow any of the proposed rules. Which is funny given that the quote was about the importance of independent thinking.