After a perfect family evening:

Too Close for Comfort

A famous Spanish writer says on Facebook, “Trump is a danger to all living creatures on this planet, and his children are even worse.” I’m not sure what can be worse than endangering all living creatures and I’m afraid to ask. I published two articles on her novels, and I don’t want to feel like a total idiot for doing that. 

P.S. And I just submitted the third article on her. So yeah. It’s nice not to know anything about writers outside of their books. 


What’s good about me is that when I fail at something, I move on fast. I realized I will never beat the record of blog visits from years ago. It’s nobody’s fault, blog visits are down for everybody for obvious reasons.

So I started archiving all the old posts. This means I can see them (for sentimental reasons) but nobody is can. Most of the posts for 2009-10 are already gone. This will completely tank the visitor stats but if I can’t break the record anyway, I don’t care. 

Now that extreme self-righteousness is the dominant mode of online engagement and it’s spilling into RL, I see no reason to subject myself to the outbursts of idiots who disinter an ancient post on fluffy kittens and exclaim triumphantly, “So you are saying that you admire Hitler! You are a proud Nazi!”

If you look at the most recent comments, you’ll see an example of this. Some idiot read an old guest post and concluded that I “object to the existence of transgender people.” Not only does this post never mention transgender people, it wasn’t even written by me. But I’ll be damned if I enter into a discussion on whether I object to the existence of people because the end of that journey is total insanity. 

Enjoy the old posts for now because they will all be disappearing soon. 


“What are you doing?!?” I exclaim when I see Klara trying to pour the milk out of her sippy cup on the floor. 

“I’m making a mess,” she says conversationally.

What slaughters me is that not only is her comment situationally appropriate, but it’s also completely grammatically correct. In no time, she will be saying things like “it’s situationally appropriate.”

Subscription Boxes

The most shamelessly, ridiculously, offensively consumerist thing in the world are the surprise subscription boxes that are so popular right now. In case you live on a different planet, a subscription service sends you clothes, books, coffee, writing supplies, toys, and even organizers and planners of their (not yours, theirs, hence the surprise) choosing once a month. Just in case your consumer fantasy is exhausted and out of ideas what else you can possibly buy. 

I find these subscription boxes to be incredibly attractive, and I’m ashamed of myself.