The First Story

Today was the first time I told Klara a story and she loved it. The story went on for over 30 minutes because she kept asking for more. The story was about Klara and her toy bear and it went as follows:

The bear asked,”Klara, Klara, what did you do at the beach today?” And Klara said, “Bear, bear, I played a game called “Find Your Toes.”” And the bear asked, “Klara, Klara, how do you play “Find Your Toes”?” And so on. 

It’s unbelievable that she’s only 21 months, and she’s already into stories.  

French Balls

Suleiman Kerimov, a Russian senator and a mega-bandit, has been arrested in France! His mansion has been searched by the French police. He’s being investigated for fraud and money laundering.

Of course, Russians are arguing he has diplomatic immunity but it’s amazing that the French actually dared to detain a Russian oligarch. Kerimov is one of the worst, a real gangster, a horrible horrible person. This is fantastic news because these nasty characters pollute the world with their criminal activities, and European or US governments just smile vapidly in response. 

Thanksgiving Eve Encyclopedia

They are real, they are real! I’m not the only person who is seeing them! Seriously, I thought I was losing it when I met a group of them in a quiet suburban street. 

Why don’t people ever ask themselves if these lists of “traditional” behaviors that torture them exist nowhere but in their heads. 

Transgender in the Spain of Philip II. In Spanish but fascinating. Especially meaningful as a read on Transgender Remembrance Day. 

long but fascinating read on civilization collapse and falsification of history.

 Slave auctions in Libya. Unspeakably tragic. 

In Russian. A way too optimistic yet valuable article by a leading Russian political scientist.