For the first time ever, I had no plan for Thanksgiving dinner and I had no anxiety about it. For me, it’s an enormous victory and a great relief not to be constantly worried that food will run out. 

So what we did was just wander aimlessly, among closed restaurants. And then we saw one that was open and had all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Turkey, baked ham, stuffed grouper. 

I’ll never be entirely free from food trauma but this is a big victory.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving this year is so wholesome that I have no food to photograph. Because there is no food! 

I think I’ll make lentils with tomatoes and butter lettuce. Because that’s literally all there is in the room. 

It’s very unusual not to be completely in thrall to food. 


The analyst says that the best thing we can do to avoid hyperactivity problems is not to have any screens present in our interactions with Klara. No cell phones, Kindles, no TV or computer in the background. Not that I was an obsessive screen user around Klara before this (I am an obsessive user when I’m not around her), but now I’m abstaining altogether. And it’s proving to be quite easy. Enjoyable, even. 

Midwestern Eastern European

The exuberant politeness of the Midwest has become so attached to me that I freak out people all over the resort with, “Have a beautiful day! Enjoy the rest of your stay!” People respond with, “Oh. Oh. Yes! You, too! Have a beautiful day! Yes!!”

After meeting a particularly grumpy Eastern European fellow yesterday, I’m even more eager to let people see that one can be from Eastern Europe and not be in a nasty mood all the time.