Guilty Conscience

Today I designed the syllabus for my new course. It will be on Latin America, which is not my area, so I had to remember everything I was taught in graduate school. I’d received a great training in Colonial literature, so that helped. The textbook is entirely new to me and not amazing.

So I designed the syllabus.

Found all the readings I will assign. 

Selected the excerpts from the readings to use both in class and as homework for every day of class. [Thanks to grad school comps I can take a 4-volume text from the 16th century and find the 3 pages I need within minutes].

Prepared discussion questions based on the readings.

Created 20 quizzes.

Found all the readings I will offer as options for the final essay. 

By the end of the process, I had 29 windows open in my MS Word because I need to see the course as a totality. It’s an important course. We don’t let students graduate without it, and I need it to be good. 

I did all this before noon. After that, I couldn’t do any more work for private reasons. And I spent the rest of the day beating myself up for being lazy and unproductive.

But writing this post helped. So thank you for listening.