I thought I’d seen it all but no. Lawrence at MSNBC is singing sycophantic, pathetic, groveling praise of . . .  Larry Summers, of all the possible evildoers. Larry Summers! Because he doesn’t like Trump’s tax plan. Of course, for anybody who has been alive in the last decade, “not liked by Summers” is a ringing endorsement. 

All that’s missing is for Greenspan to chime in. I also hear Mugabe is free, so maybe he can make an appearance, since we are desperate for disgusting creeps to tell us this tax plan sucks. 


Cutting corporate tax rates from 35 to 20% is a massive bet on the nation-state. It’s the first real action in defense of the nation-state model. For the first time since last November, I’m intrigued. I don’t think it will work, unfortunately. I don’t think anything will work at this point. But it’s interesting to see there’s a non-military effort to keep it going and beat the odds. 

Once again, I would love beyond what words could describe to hear what my side is proposing as an alternative. Ditch nation-state? Try to preserve it? How? Instead, there’s nothing but the entirely vacuous prattle about graduate students and inheritances. I’m as resentful towards folks who get to inherit as the next person but none of this addresses the burning issue of the times. And we have all seen what happens to political candidates who go, “What globalization? I haven’t heard.”

Conyers and Lauer

The good thing is I dont know who Conyers and Lauer are, so I’m upset like I was about Franken. I really thought he was a decent person, idiot me. 

Who would be the greatest disappointment for you if you found out they were harassers? (Entertainment, politics and media all work, especially since they are the same thing).

Why Does He Keep Tweeting?

“But why, why are they selling these cancer sticks? Don’t they know smoking kills?” protested a customer as he bought 3 blocks of Camel Lights.

“Exactly! And why do they sell alcohol? Don’t they know it’s bad for you?” exclaimed another one while paying for a crate of Grey Goose.

The Gulf

It seems like in entertainment, politics and journalism men behave like they are in the USSR or post-Soviet space. Meaning, like total pigs. 

I’m sincerely glad this is not the case in academia. As a result of childhood trauma, I can’t tolerate anything that could even remotely resemble sexual harassment. So I’m happy I never felt it, saw it, heard about it, or smelled it in my profession. 

Of course, these reports are deepening the gulf between the elites and the regular folks who think “you people are all animals, I don’t know anybody who behaves like that.”