Why Does He Keep Tweeting?

“But why, why are they selling these cancer sticks? Don’t they know smoking kills?” protested a customer as he bought 3 blocks of Camel Lights.

“Exactly! And why do they sell alcohol? Don’t they know it’s bad for you?” exclaimed another one while paying for a crate of Grey Goose.

4 thoughts on “Why Does He Keep Tweeting?”

    1. They are a laser pointer for the critics, too. They have no alternative to offer and refuse to think of one. What did Bill and Obama ever do other than hasten the collapse of the nation-state? What did Hillary ever offer than more of the same? What did Bernie, other than pretend that it’s not even happening?


  1. One thing I don’t get is why everyone treats his re-tweets of white supremacists and racist nationalist groups as some sort of ignorant accident, instead of as his wholehearted endorsement of their philosophy. I get that you don’t like him as president, but pretending that he’s a moron actually softens the offense.


    1. What would be very useful is if people just forgot about the tweets for a moment and looked at what is actually happening. They keep saying he’s crazy, he’s demented, he’s losing his grip reality, he’s incompetent. But all that is based on tweets. In actual existing reality, he very consistently and effectively carrying out the Republican agenda of forever. Dismissing him as a crazy and stupid old lion is a tragic, tragic mistake.


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