Greener Grass

You can laugh at the Bonjour-Hi legislation but tomorrow the provincial government will start wasting huge sums of money on sending inspectors to go on covert operations to convenience stores and diners, slapping fines on the miserable owners who slip up and breathe in after “bonjour”, which can be interpreted as the illegal “hi.” There are already crowds of these language police doing similar kinds of thing, so there’ll simply be more. 

So when you say “I want to pay higher taxes and get social services in return like in Canada”, remember that the social services you get in exchange for those ridiculously high taxes are these language police with their Pastagates and also the valuable privilege of waiting for a doctor’s appointment for months only to hear, “Psh, you don’t really think I have time to look at your test results, do you?”


​QUEBEC — Deciding Quebecers needed a course in “hospitality 101,” the National Assembly is formally asking merchants to warmly greet clients with “Bonjour,” and drop the old standard “Bonjour-Hi.”

So much effort, and still no Saizarbitoria in sight. You can abolish every Bonjour-Hi in sight and organize a million and one Pastagates, but there will either be great art created in the language or there won’t. Look at Russian. The largest country on Earth, an imperial power, but hasn’t produced any literature in almost a century. You can’t socially engineer this stuff. You just can’t. 

Difference and Violence

“A society in which differences are too great is as flawed as a society that imposes total uniformity: both breed violence. . . If the focus comes entirely to lie on separation and individualism, group forming suffers, leading to competition, social isolation, and loneliness. This provokes narcissistic aggression against the mirror image that we perceive in the other. . . It doesn’t take much for violence to ensure.”

                            – Paul Verhaeghe.

This is about the increase in narcissistic fracturing we discussed recently and the flare-up neo-Nazi tendencies.


“Schizophrenia has a hereditary component involving a combination of at least 10 genes. The presence of that combination increases the risk of this severe psychiatric disorder by 15-20%; the rest is down to external factors, one of the most important of which is being born in and growing up in a big city.”


A fellow on MSNBC goes, “I don’t care about tax cuts! They don’t matter! All that matters right now is the Mueller investigation. Because it goes to the heart of what we are as a republic.”

And I’m sitting there, thinking, gosh, man, what if somebody hears you? I mean, you are on TV so somebody just might. How do you think it sounds to people in Missouri or Montana that you don’t care about their taxes? 

And no, it’s not just this one guy. It’s the whole agenda of making sure the next elections are lost, too. 

Since I am interested in tax cuts, I’d love to see a table or a breakdown of how the proposed bill will impact my income group. If anybody comes across a reliable, non-partisan breakdown, please share.