I’ve been weeping with laughter for 5 minutes over this: 

When comic Marcia Belsky sarcastically replied “men are scum” to a friend’s Facebook post back in October, she never anticipated being banned from the platform for 30 days. 

That was exactly what happened. 

Belsky was shocked at the severity of the punishment considering her relatively innocuous comment, and immediately spoke to her fellow female friends about the ordeal.

Severe punishment! Shocked! Ordeal! 
I had the same bout of uncontrollable laughter yesterday when a newscaster asked an interviewee, “Have you pondered the genesis of this tweet?” 

People are taking social media way too seriously.

Tuesday Link Encyclopedia

Read this and ask yourself again if you really want Trump impeached and what you hope to achieve with that. This is a long article but it’s very good. 

The ridiculous hype of nootropics and ‘brain-hacking.’

I agree with this author on the idiocy of the Russian investigation.

It’s incredible that such grievously uneducated, dumb people who think children’s imaginative play is evidence of PTSD should be teachers.

Phasing out Sunday shopping in Poland is not a victory over consumerism but a gift to online retailers. Let’s stop believing that the weak nation-state can score any victories over liquid capital. It can’t. It simply can’t.

Killing Teaching

Teacher-education programs in our state are being eviscerated. Students are forced to take more and more education theory courses and reduce the number of content courses they take. The subject area that they will actually be teaching is treated like an impediment that has to be rushed through to get to the “really important” pedagogical theory stuff. Of course, there is no pedagogical theory. It’s all just vapid, useless blabber. Students will end up woefully underprepared to teach their actual subject and knowing little but the silly jargon that pleases the state bureaucracy.