Satan Worshipers

Somebody writes on FB:

“My neighbors have 7 kids and 4 dogs they adopted from shelters. Their house is always very clean, and every time I come by they serve freshly baked cookies. The kids are all great students, and are very responsible and good-mannered. The parents are always cheerful and happy. I think they must worship Satan.”

I concur and need to add that they must also be very lonely. Who’d want to be friends with this walking reproach of a family?

Dance Classes

I had no idea dance classes meant we need to get a pink leotard, a pink tutu, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. 

Plus, I got the feeling they expect Klara to stay at the lesson without me. Which is not happening. Are there really any 2-year-olds who agree to stay at a strange place with strangers without their mama? ‘Cause I haven’t met any such kids.