On top of everything else, I got rejected for my grant. But it’s actually a good thing because, to be honest, I haven’t read a single thing pertaining to the project since I applied. Which tells us I’m not very interested in it. 

I liked it when I was applying but then I found my new favorite author, and now I’m obsessed. It’s like when I met N. After the first date, I knew it was him or nobody. And it’s been like that ever since. 

Time to Notice

Investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated after exposing the Panama papers. This kind of stuff has been going on since 1989 but now that it’s possible to squeeze the assassination in the same sentence with “Trump”, maybe somebody is going to notice. 

Warm Lassi

Is it against the rules to heat up mango lassi? I asked for it to be warmed up at the buffet but the workers reacted like I would if somebody asked me to serve chilled borscht. They conducted a consult and arrived at the conclusion that it can’t be done. Does warming it spoil it in some way? 

Defeating Rauner

Here in Illinois, the entire campaign against Rauner consists of pointing out that somebody who contributed his campaign also contributed to Roy Moore’s. Once again, it’s an effort to substitute policy with outrage. Why not speak instead of the damage Rauner did to the state and the alternative ways our candidates will handle things? 
Literally, all I’m seeing right now in terms of efforts to unseat Rauner is cheap Facebook outrage about completely inane things. The fellow devastated the state’s economy but that message isn’t getting out. Instead, we hear how he once stood next to somebody who stood next to somebody who was the subject of an outraged tweet, and can you believe it, that evildoer. It’s so ridiculous.