Unions Work

Hey, remember the recent post on union tactics? Well, it seems to have worked. The Chancellor is finally agreeing to negotiate, and we are expecting our raises before Christmas.

Magical Phrases

I taught Klara several magical phrases that have made my life much easier:

  • “It’s not ours”
  • “It’s their turn”
  • “It’s attached”
  • “Mama’s coffee is very hot”

“It’s not ours” is extremely helpful because whenever she grabs something at a store, all I have to do is say “it’s not ours” and she puts it back. Often, she doesn’t even grab things and just points to them and asks, “Ours?” 

“It’s attached” is also great because she’s extremely interested in how things work and always tries to take everything apart. So I had to explain why some things can’t be taken apart. Before I did that, she wanted me to unscrew every bolt and nail in every piece of equipment at the playground.

Right now I’m teaching her the phrase “I can’t stop when I’m driving unless I arrive at a specially designated area.” 

Let’s Find a Solution

There is an enormous, tiresome and tedious dishonesty in talking about “handouts to corporations” in an ahistorical way and extracting them out of the context of liquid capital.

Cutting corporate tax rates is an attempt to attract and retain liquid capital for a nation-state. Before capital became fully liquid, the nation-state had other ways of making itself attractive to it. After it liquefied, nobody has come up with any alternative than reducing tax rates. Seeing the reduction in corporate tax rates as an evil conspiracy of the rich and the dishonest politicians is childish. It makes for nice slogans and cute memes but it’s divorced from reality. And you can’t change the reality if you refuse to see it. 

An enormous change in the capacity of capital to transcend national borders and make the nation-state redundant occurred starting in the 1970s. It’s an undeniable fact of objective reality that has to be dealt with. I’d love to hear what the progressive forced want to do about it. I’d love to work on a solution together. I’m sure it exists but we need to start looking for it already.