Regional Variation

Do you know what people around here call lollipops? 


That’s how it’s pronounced, with an aggressive hiss on the s. I thought at first folks were trying to be funny, but no, it’s how everybody says it. 

The 1st Dance Lesson

I’m at Klara’s first dance lesson. All of the parents are huddled next to the tiny window, looking into the classroom where the lesson takes place. I’m the only person who is furiously texting, emailing and posting on my phone far away from the window. She’s not crying, so it’s all good. And I finally get reunited with my phone which I never even see around Klara. 

The whole point of these lessons is to let parents snooze in the corner while kids do something active. 

12 Decembers a Year

I have this 5-year notebook where I record what I did research-wise on every day of the year. Now that the first 5 years I’ve been doing this are coming to a close, it’s become clear that the month when I’m consistently the most productive is December. It’s not a mystery why that is. December is my favorite month because it’s so festive, and the weather is usually conducive to profound contentment on my part. 

I need more Decembers every year.

Room for the New

Kids learn how to pronounce Klara’s name immediately. Even very little toddlers who barely speak start repeating “Klara! Klara!” after hearing me say it. But adults who are sitting right there and who hear both me and their own kids pronounce the name still do the “Clear-ah” thing. 

It’s extremely hard to dislodge preconceived notions, folks. Evidence, schmevidence, nobody cares. Everybody lives in their own head. Somewhere on the road from infancy to adulthood, we lose the capacity to allow new information penetrate our intellectual defenses.