Need Music

I need to get over myself and get some music-playing device into the house. Klara loves music, and I’m depriving her of something so important because I have a weird relationship with music. 

I think I’ll get Alexa in the end because the very idea of futzing with music devices and trying to get them to work freaks me out. If I can just say “play music” and not have to think about it beyond that, it will be easier for me.

Mini Link Encyclopedia

Disrupting Systemic Whiteness in the Mindfulness Movement. I just had to share. 

An interesting perspective on the Time Person of the Year

Why are radical Christian activists attracted to Orthodoxy? I’m not a radical activist but I’m getting closer to finally become baptized in the Orthodox Church, and this is a fantastic post. 

hilarious takedown of a pompous memoirist. The author thinks sexual abuse of children is funny, for some mysterious reason, but the review is very well-written.

former Facebook executive tells the truth about the danger of this horrible website/app.