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Archive for the day “December 13, 2017”

Need Music

I need to get over myself and get some music-playing device into the house. Klara loves music, and I’m depriving her of something so important because I have a weird relationship with music. 

I think I’ll get Alexa in the end because the very idea of futzing with music devices and trying to get them to work freaks me out. If I can just say “play music” and not have to think about it beyond that, it will be easier for me.


Protected: Fruits of My Labor

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Philologist’s Child

Klara is narrating what happened on the trampoline:

“Big boy jumping. He bumped his head. Boy is sad, crying. I also bumped my head. And I bumped my nose.”

22 months as of yesterday.

Kid Fun

At the kids’ gym, Klara gathers all the dolls that look like babies, feeds them, rocks them and drags them around with her. Then, she sits at the toy makeup table and pretends to apply makeup. The gym workers are in stitches because it’s really funny.

Smart Decision

One university renamed its Assistant Professor of Spanish position into “Assistant Professor of Intercultural Communication”. That’s a great way of avoiding getting a million of job applications in this terrible market. 

Mini Link Encyclopedia

Disrupting Systemic Whiteness in the Mindfulness Movement. I just had to share. 

An interesting perspective on the Time Person of the Year

Why are radical Christian activists attracted to Orthodoxy? I’m not a radical activist but I’m getting closer to finally become baptized in the Orthodox Church, and this is a fantastic post. 

hilarious takedown of a pompous memoirist. The author thinks sexual abuse of children is funny, for some mysterious reason, but the review is very well-written.

former Facebook executive tells the truth about the danger of this horrible website/app.

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