My new hobby is to sell things on the local FB page. The way it’s done in this area is very typical and never fails to freak out newcomers to the region. The way it’s set up is so that human contact is avoided as much as possible. You are supposed to leave whatever you are selling on the porch. Buyers will pick it up and leave money under the mat.

If you see people approach and come out to say hi, they get very spooked and react like you’ve committed a huge social faux pas. Sellers prefer to risk never getting any money (because nothing is to prevent buyers from not leaving money under the mat) if it lets them avoid exchanging a few words with human beings. 

Of course, I like finding cash under the mat every once in a while but it’s still creepy how scared people are of human contact. I mean, for me to find it excessive, it’s really got to be something quite notable.

Our Collective Shadow

One of Trump’s nominees for a federal judge position, couldn’t answer the most basic questions about the US justice system. He wasn’t even familiar with the term “motion in limine”, known to anybody who has watched Law & Order

Before anybody rants against Trump, though, I want to remind them that Trump didn’t start the trend where possession of the “correct” ideology is being preferred to professionalism and competence. He’s just surfing the wave created by others. It’s easy to exorcise the guilt by blaming its cause on the shadow.