Sleepy Darth Vader

I’m deeply indifferent to Star Wars but nothing is cuter than when Klara says, “Hi Yoda! Hi Darth Vader! Sleepy Yoda, wake up!” (The neighbors are fans and have inflatable figures as Christmas decorations.)


I’ve been elected Treasurer of United Feminists. It’s been the most useful professional organization I’ve belonged to. They always suggest actual publication opportunities and send out a really informative newsletter. 

If you are a scholar of Hispanic literature, language and/or culture, please consider joining. It’s very cheap (seriously, go here and check it out), and you’ll be helping a really good organization that is in dire financial straits right now. I promise you that we only do valuable, good work. 

Wonder No More

Have you ever wondered what the USSR would have looked like if it existed in the times of the Internet?

If you’d like to know if any of the movies or TV shows you watch has a bad apple –someone accused of sexual misconduct– affiliated with it, you need to head over to The Rotten A quick search of their database will tell you if a cast-member, screenwriter, executive producer or director is an alleged abuser.

To the Dogs

The Thumbtack website went to the dogs. It used to be such a convenient place to hire people locally. You’d post your project, people would look at it, tell you what it would cost, and you’d hire. 

And now, instead of real people looking at your project, the second you post, you get a bunch of automated, pre-recorded, completely meaningless quotes from companies. And real people seem to have disappeared from the website altogether.

It happens so often. A great useful website or app is eviscerated and rendered completely useless under the guise of promoting efficiency and convenience. Thumbtack is now super fast and efficient at delivering an entirely useless service. Yippee.