All I Want for Christmas Is


This is absolutely what the Democrats should be doing right now. I’m so glad they are working so hard to promote my and your interests. This is precisely what we need from them right now and always. 

Also, I found out from MSNBC this morning that we are now supposed to like Bannon because he’s complex and not just a Nazi. Whew! Such a load off my mind. I was worrying he was one of those simple Nazis but now I know he’s complex, so it’s all good.

Cool Capitalism

It’s on FB, so no link:

Welcome to the communist-anarchist bakery.
Karl Marx sandwich.

Organic baguette.

Free coffee.

This is the perfect example of what Jim McGuigan calls “cool capitalism.” It’s the rugged Marlboro man of the 2010s.

Capitalism appropriates rebelliousness and uses it to sell product. Whatever makes people feel edgy, cool, modern, quirky, unusual, and rebellious will help move product. Nobody cares about meaning or ideology. Capitalism has devoured ideology ages ago. It’s all about a superficial interplay of identities, posing, and playacting in order to be able to consume more. 

In response to this, people have started to denounce the evils of the Communist regimes and the pitfalls of the Marxist ideology. What they don’t seem to get is that this bakery (and its many brethren) is what capitalism is all about. Criticizing the bakery is not about criticizing communism. If you are uncomfortable with the bakery, what you can’t fully accept is capitalism. And if you think it’s a swell idea, you are as neoliberal as one could get.