OB-GYN’S Quotes

The walls in the OB-GYN’s office are covered with quotes letting visitors know that life is meaningless if you don’t have kids and nothing is better than motherhood. 

I can’t stop thinking how cruel it is to patients who might be infertile to have them stare at these quotes for 40 minutes while they sit naked on the table waiting for the doctor to show up. 

And who’s the intended audience anyway? Mothers already know all this. Women who don’t want children will be annoyed and will possibly feel judged. And then there’s people like me who feel bad for the women who’ll be wounded by all this. 

It’s just unthinking, unnecessary cruelty. But at least this doctor doesn’t try to coax me into Botox treatments, doesn’t try to get me to take a weight loss potion, and doesn’t run a Bible study group for victims of abortion propaganda, like the previous 3 doctors. 

White Christmas

Strangely, we have quite a few cars with Florida plates in town for the holidays. I recognize them even before I see the plates because of the very typically Floridian driving manner. What I don’t get is why people who have relatives here don’t have them come to Florida instead of driving over here. 

Today we woke up to this, and I’m sure it gladdens nobody’s heart but mine:

I can’t believe I’ll finally have a white Christmas. Klara is still sleeping but I wonder what she’ll say when she sees it.