Christmas Links

For those who are also celebrating alone, here’s a couple of good links. 

This is a valuable article on teaching literature in college. Just skip the vapid blabber about capitalism, managers and the rest of the fashionable topics the author knows nothing about and read about teaching literature, which she understands very well. 

great article illustrating one of the aspects of the nation-state’s collapse. It explains extremely well why the US politics has been the way it’s been. For now, the divide is geographical but very soon it won’t be. Think of where that will lead. 

Christmas Night for One

N is sick (not because of my cooking but because it’s suddenly become really cold) and went to bed early. So I will celebrate the arrival of Christmas alone, watching Gone Girl for only the third time, eating orange cake, and planning my new article. It’s going to be on a completely new subject – no nation-state, no liquid capital, no gender, no class struggle! Which means it will totally bomb because that’s how it always goes when I switch theoretical frameworks. My first article on crisis literature was never accepted by anybody. 

I like Christmas.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Another strange thing Klara likes to eat is vinegret. I posted a recipe a while ago. It’s a salad made with beets, potatoes, cucumbers, green onions, green peas, carrots, and pickled cabbage. I pickled the cabbage myself, by the way. I made some of this vinegret (which  contains no vinegar, by the way) for the guests who are coming today, and when Klara asked to try some, I was sure she’d hate it. But I was completely wrong. She refused the Mac and cheese lunch I’d made her and ate the vinegret instead.

I’m also making another beet salad with walnuts, garlic and dried figs for the guests. If she likes this one, too, I’ll be completely weirded out.

I was going to make turkey, and taught Klara to say the word “turkey” but one of our guests doesn’t eat meat, so I’m doing my signature salmon baked with oranges, spinach and tomatoes dish. 

So our Christmas menu is very untraditional with salmon and two beet salads. The New Year’s, on the other hand, will be so traditional, it will be like it’s 1983. 

Hopes for 2018

One thing to celebrate is that none of the dire predictons of a year ago came true in 2017. There’s no nuclear Holocaust, no authoritarian regime, no invasion of countries. So far, Trump turned out to be a run-of-the-mill Republican president minus the invasions. He isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been part of the Republican agenda for decades. 

My hope is that in 2018 people will realize how they’ve been exploited by the very rich owners of online platforms who rile them up with lies and exaggerations to make money off them. I also hope that people begin to realize that politics isn’t about outraged tweets but about getting together with people in RL and organizing something. This year, I and some real people I really know in real life got together and did some real stuff, and it felt really good. I hope more people get off Twitter and Tumblr and join us in the real world. 

I also hope that more people realize that real resistance consists of resisting the lure of the screens that #Occupy their brains and steal their souls. We have a political space that’s turned into a total circus where entertainment politics had turned into entertainment, period. We deserve better, and it’s up to us to make sure things get turned around.

I always thought the lists of things to be grateful for in agendas and productivity journals were dumb. But now I realize that people need these lists because they rev themselves up with stupid shit they read on the so-called news media to the point they actually believe the world is ending. And then they don’t know how to climb out of that hole. I hope people remember that there’s no peace without peace of mind.