A Surprise

I’ve just got an unexpected New Year’s surprise. An edited volume I’d long given up on is actually about to come out. I received a publisher’s agreement an hour ago. It’s been an unlucky volume that hasn’t been able to find a stable publisher since 2015. In the process, of course, it changed a lot. 

I’m glad to start the year with an entirely unexpected publication.


NYC Plans

I’m starting 2018 with a trip to NYC. I’m leaving on Wednesday and will come back on Monday. In NYC I will:

  1. Speak at a conference
  2. Visit the book fair where my book is sold
  3. Have lunch with a friend from Ukraine I haven’t seen for exactly 20 years
  4. See a Broadway show with my sister
  5. Visit ABC Kitchens and enjoy their fresh seafood
  6. Meet up with a friend who’s been coming to this conference for years to interview for jobs and now will finally come as a TT professor who already has a job
  7. Go to an exhibition of Ukrainian art
  8. Visit MOMA (which is the only place in NYC I invariably like)
  9. Go to a place called “Corn on the Cob” because my sister swears by it

If somebody knows of any other NYC pastimes I will enjoy, please give suggestions. My Sunday afternoon and evening will be wide open.

The Experiment

In the closing weeks of 2017, I conducted a mental experiment. I imagined I was working for a less obscure college somewhere on the coasts. And the result was that I couldn’t write anything at all on the blog. I’m sure everybody here noticed. There’s nothing I want to say that can survive the censorship that exists in those places. 

If I hadn’t come to work here, in the deep Midwest, 9 years ago, I would have thought that this kind of area is where fanaticism and intolerance live. But now I know different.