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Personal Growth

During our daytime date, N and I discussed what it feels like when one’s cherished plans collapse (like my NYC trip). N says he doesn’t get angry or stressed out if he knows the issue that foiled his plans is not his fault. That stunned me because for me it’s the other way round. 

If something doesn’t work because I fucked up, I wasn’t organized, I failed to do what I needed, then I accept it and feel at peace. What bugs me if I did everything right but things didn’t work out because of factors outside of my control. 

His reaction is a product of an angry, castigating parent and mine of an emotionally chaotic, unpredictable one. 

But hey, if you saw how calm I am right now, in the face of not being able to get to a conference that I dreamt about for 14 years, you’d be stunned. That’s personal growth, folks. 

Woody Allen’s ED

Yes, Woody Allen’s so-called art is all about his severe erectile dysfunction. You don’t need to read mountains of the crap he’s scribbled to figure that out. I knew it after suffering through ten minutes each of two of his films. The guy is a textbook ED sufferer who never found medical help for his very obvious issue. 


Re: preceding post, it’s interesting how such extremely ignorant people love to publish lists of prohibitory commands. As if anybody were eagerly expecting their commands as to what not to do. 

Such folks’ horizons are limited by their ignorance. The world is confusing and scary. By yelling “don’t! stop! avoid! cease and desist!” they create an illusion of being in control. 

Aggressively Ignorant

A good liberal arts education is crucial because without it you get aggressively ignorant people like the author of this shameful screed. The saddest thing is that this poor creature doesn’t have a friend or an acquaintance to help her understand that she needs to stop writing and start reading instead.