Quality Journalism

A journalist announces triumphantly on the news, “Nobody in the Trump administration addressed the book’s claims that Trump acts like a child! I wonder why that is!”

She totally missed her calling as a stand-up comedian.



I’m finally in NYC and too exhausted to do anything fun. So I left the hotel in search of a deli nearby. On the way there, I passed a strip club. The doorman in shiny buttons looked at me and boomed, “You need a hat. And a warmer coat!” It was very funny that a doorman at a strip club would worry that I was underdressed.

Funny on Russia

Folks, I’m trying to board but this long article on Russia made me weep with laughter. It contains gems that could translate into American realities as “Oprah procures prostitutes for Obama and his friends, so she brought in Ashton Kutchner to have sex with Hillary, and there are now compromising photos of naked Hillary.” 

There are also less funny parts, such as burying the fact that Navalny is a neo-Nazi. 

There is a couple of semi-lucid paragraphs but they are buried under mountains of pure, unadulterated crazy. Russians are known for being extremely good at taking the piss out of foreigners while keeping a straight face. It looks like the poor journalist was pranked all over the place and never realized it. 

P.S. Why would anybody in their right mind assume that Trump would find photos of himself having sex with a beautiful, young starlet compromising? Because the cultural norm condemns it? Really? 


read this kind of article and I want to retch. I also got no sleep today so I’m queasy as it is but this shit doesn’t help. An excerpt for those who don’t want to click:

Based on the excerpts now available, Fire and Fury presents a man in the White House who is profoundly ignorant of politics, policy, and anything resembling the substance of perhaps the world’s most demanding job. He is temperamentally unstable. Most of what he says in public is at odds with provable fact, from “biggest inaugural crowd in history” onward. Whether he is aware of it or not, much of what he asserts is a lie. His functional vocabulary is markedly smaller than it was 20 years ago; the oldest person ever to begin service in the White House, he is increasingly prone to repeat anecdotes and phrases. He is aswirl in foreign and financial complications. He has ignored countless norms of modern governance, from the expectation of financial disclosure to the importance of remaining separate from law-enforcement activities. He relies on immediate family members to an unusual degree; he has an exceptionally thin roster of experienced advisers and assistants; his White House staff operations have more in common with an episode of The Apprentice than with any real-world counterpart. He has a shallower reserve of historical or functional information than previous presidents, and a more restricted supply of ongoing information than many citizens. He views all events through the prism of whether they make him look strong and famous, and thus he is laughably susceptible to flattering treatment from the likes of Putin and Xi Jinping abroad or courtiers at home.

I’ve been reading a variation on this piece for a year. A year. And for just as long I’ve been writing a variation on this post. 

We are in the midst of an enormous transformation of the global economy that will affect and is already affecting all of us. And instead of talking about that, this is what we are doing? Producing outrage-generating listicles about the limited vocabulary of somebody who is not only a billionaire and a TV superstar but also the most successful US politician at the moment?

I’m reading an article on Cambodia – Cambodia! – and the byline mentions Trump in big bold letters even though the article has fuck-all to do with him. It’s like people are stuck and can’t move on. Seven more years of this collective madness? And then they’ll run Omarrosa and she’ll obviously win, and the whole crazy obsession repeats?

And then folks wonder why so many people don’t even consider voting. It’s very hard to care about any of this because it’s so completely ridiculous and divorced from any reality. 

Public Menace

I just almost got the Reagan Airport evacuated. I left my bag on the ground and walked away for 30 minutes while I was chatting on the phone about the complexities of learning Basque. When I came back for it, there was a police cordon and dogs sniffing for explosives. In my defense, I got up at 2 am to make this flight and had spent the last two days leaving the house to go to the airport only to have my flight cancelled the total of 6 times. This kind of thing screws with my brain something major. 

You Aren’t a Jew If I Say So

I used to like Joy Reid. And then I turn on the news to wake myself before my very early flight and hear her announce with Glee that Roy Moore is a bigot because his wife said their lawyer is a Jew and “it turned out – get this! – that he’s a Christian!” As a Soviet dissident writer once said facetiously, “we thought he was a Jew but he turned out to be a drinking person.”

I understand it’s super crucial to prove Roy Moore is a bigot because he hasn’t yet lost the election in Alabama but would it be possible to do that without outdoing his presumed bigotry? ‘Cause this crap stinks to high heaven.