Neoliberal Depression

good article on how social problems are medicalized. Instead of recognizing that poverty, grief, unemployment, lack of prospects, etc are ovjectively existing factors that cause a legitimate emotional response, people are told that they are broken and require medication. It’s part of the neoliberal program to convince people to assume individual responsibility for collectively generated problems. It’s not that things are ovjectively shitty for a group of people. It’s that something is wrong with you as an individual. As Paul Verhaeghe says, people begin to feel guilty and any chance of solidarity in the face of exploitation dies. This is profitable on so many levels.


Not Serious

It’s not serious about Oprah running, though, is it? Surely, it can’t be. Trump vs Oprah can’t be the first presidential election I get to vote for. It’s just too cruel.

Russian Fire and Fury

The person who should be investigated for working for the Russians is the author of Fire and Fury, and I’m only half-joking. I don’t think Russians are paying him but they totally should. He’s good. 

I’m so glad I bought the book. Totally worth the fifteen bucks and more. No wonder Trump is working so hard to promote it.

Airport Reading

I had to get up at 3 am again to make my flight, and as a result I’m too out of it to read anything that requires an intellectual investment. So I decided to read the scandalous Fire and Fury book. I’m about 1/3 in, and it’s not in the least what I expected based on what I heard about in the media. Which is good because I like to be surprised by my reading.

A review to follow when I’m done. 

Human Strangeness

Nowhere does the strangeness of human beings come out like in local FB second-hand selling groups. 

“Selling iPhone 8 that I bought 2 weeks ago but then realized I prefer Android. Will meet at the local AT&T store to transfer the contract to you and have them wipe off all my information. Asking what I paid for it.”

Obviously, there are zero responses because what’s the point of buying a used phone with all this aggro when you can get a brand new one at the local AT&T store?

The number of postings where people try to sell stuff at the same price one can get it from Amazon is overwhelming. OK, I get it, they are probably counting on the customers who don’t have Prime. But what’s with the folks who ask for a higher price than their used object costs brand-new? 

Dumb Question

I have a dumb question. Do famous people take the same airlines everybody else does? Because I could swear I saw Lawrence O’Donnell at the JFK on Friday. It wasn’t just the look but also the very recognizable voice. This fellow looked older and more tired than the one on TV but that makes sense given the heavy makeup TV newscasters get.