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Cold Calculation

What’s really really sad is that these days every little snowflake who gets pouty begins to scream “privilege! Abuse! Toxic cis-het-masculine harassment!

And what’s even sadder, the only response that these silly flare-ups evoke is groveling, servile self-effacement on the part of those who could easily put a stop to the unfortunate spectacle.

For about two seconds, it seemed like something good could come from a general discussion of sexual harassment. But soon it became clear that the discussion has been hijacked by shameless opportunists who coldly rattle off the fashionable terms in order to self-promote. It will take forever before anybody can take the words “allegations of sexual misconduct” seriously again.


A self-important fellow booms on the news, “There’s never been an administration before now that would be this reluctant to notice the danger that comes from Russia.”

Do people like that go into a pod and have their memories erased? Or is he faking it? How can one so easily pretend that Bill Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama didn’t exist? All three sat by vacantly as Russia invaded countries, ramped-up the anti-US rhetoric, worked to weaken the EU, nourished chaos in the Middle East, bent over for the corrupt oligarchs, etc. Do you think Trump would stay quiet if he knew Russians were trying to hand the election to the opposing party? I have no idea what he’d do but we do know that Obama just stood by and let it happen.

Culture of Learning

The pedicurist is learning (modern) Greek because she loves the ancient Greek mythology and wants to travel to its birthplace.

I love it how everybody in this country is constantly learning something. And very very often there is zero material reward that is being sought by the learning.

Random Observations

If you ever see me try to become part of an organization again, and especially assume a leadership role, please use whatever means necessary to stop me. There is no better way to become completely disillusioned with people than when you discover the intimate workings of an organization.


Two years ago, all of my gym bags turned into diaper bags. And now they are turning back into gym bags. The cycle of life. 


The beginning of a semester smells of freshness because it requires that one fashion an entirely new daily routine. This is one of the extra perks of my profession. I get completely to redesign my routine three times a year. Who else gets so many fresh starts?


Yesterday when Klara counted to ten, I continued with “eleven, twelve. . .” and all the way to twenty. And you should have seen the joy on her little face. She made me repeat the numbers several times. “So there’s more? More to discover, more to learn?” she seemed to want to say.