But Why

What I really, really hate is when (extremely progressive, I ❤️ Bernie type) Americans ask me in a voice dripping with fake concern and condescension, “But why would you and N want to become US citizens? This is such a horrible country right now.”

In the worst cases, they add, “I’d just stay European, if I were you.”

Happened to me today. Again. 



This is a very TMO post so if you are a student please reconsider whether you need to be here at all.

The old age is here and it seems like it has turned me into a bona fide stomach sufferer. First, it was the vomiting jags I told you, folks, about. And now I have a horrible upset stomach. I’ve had it since Friday, and it’s intense. I can’t eat anything at all without the direst of consequences. Over-the-counter medications are not helping. I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow but the weirdest thing is that other than this I feel fantastic. Which is why I was sure this would end long before now.

What I don’t get is how one can be so extremely hungry with such an ailment.

Winter Time

It’s -23°C here, and I’m ashamed to say that I’m completely unprepared. I don’t even have a winter outfit any more. It seemed weird to lug around a set of winter clothes on an off chance that once in 10 years it will get cold. 

So I came up with a wildly mismatched set that includes bright purple tights, black jeans with red roses, a blue and green shirt, a pink sweater, a grey coat, a Ukrainian flag scarf, and running shoes that I bought on Amazon without realizing that they were meant for running in Alaska or something. And on top of everything, I had to get one of these fashionable pom-pom hats because nothing else was available. 

I feel like a bloody idiot in this getup.