It Bugs Me

Do people really, honestly think that if Dreamers were, say, Russian or Ukrainian or somebody equally white, they wouldn’t be deported? Then why were both my husband and I threatened with deportation even while still completely legal in the US?

People from Ukraine find it extremely hard even to get a tourist visa because the consulates are so terrified some of them might want to stay. Even when already living in Canada as permanent residents, Ukrainians are often not allowed to come to the US for something like a week-long business trip. We are deeply unwanted in the US, and we know it. 

So what does any of this have to do either with racism or with Trump?


Student Wisdom

In some mysterious ways, decorating the planner with stickers really enhances productivity. I learned this from a student last year, and it does work. 

I always get the best students.

Destroying Relationships

A cultural apparatus always arises to serve the needs of capital. It’s not a conspiracy of any sort, of course. People intuit what would make them more competitive and promote these qualities in themselves, declaring them socially desirable.

What does capital currently need? A rootless labor force that won’t he held back by networks of human relationships from picking up and going whenever capital needs it at this point. 

In order to create such a labor force, human relationships need to be devalued and come to be seen as fraught, dangerous, and really not worth the hassle. Remember all these checklists of “How to Support a Bereaved Colleague?” or “How NOT to Talk to a Special Needs Child’s Parent” variety? Obviously, nobody is going to memorize all those laundry lists of prohibitions and exhortations for every occasion. It’s easier to pretend that the bereaved colleague or SNC parent don’t exist.

Another strategy is to displace liquid capital’s qualities, such as unpredictability and endless mutability, onto human relationships. It’s not capital that’s making you feel confused and like you can’t keep up. Oh no, not at all. It’s the changing nature of dating norms and workplace flirtation. 

Workplace as a space where people work together for protracted periods of time is positioned as extremely dangerous. Capital prefers self-employed, alienated workers who simply don’t have colleagues they know in person and could, say, form a union with. The next best thing (for capital but clearly not for workers) is a revolving-door office where nobody stays long enough to create any meaningful links.