The March

The #Metoo march is a great thing because the only real alternative is for people to ferment on social media. Being physically active outside in the fresh air with other people is always better than sitting hunched over a cell phone alone. Neither activity is even remotely political but the former is less likely to make one sick, so that’s good.

In the carnavalesque activities, the costumes and the slogans are always the best part. I saw a couple of good, creative posters on social media but most are embarrassingly earnest.

It’s great that people went and had a good time.



The repeated spectacles of impending government shutdowns are symbolic reenactments of the death of the nation-state. The issues over which the shutdowns almost happen are indicators of what we collectively think will destroy the nation-state.

Tourists Are Welcome

As you know, the 2018 soccer world cup will be taking place in Russia. Eleven Russian cities will host games.

What you probably don’t know is that all these 11 cities are getting millions of rubles in finding to slaughter stray cats and dogs. The goal is to clean up the streets and make the cities more welcoming to the tourists. Right now, the stray animal issue is do bad that streets are both dangerous and drowning in dog shit.

Dog-catchers often slaughter dogs and cats who do have owners or live in shelters because they are paid by the corpse. Every night, dozens – and sometimes up to 200 – of dead bodies of slaughtered animals are dragged away to be burned. The snow is covered with red patches where the animals bled.