I’ve been off the news feed since this morning but now I see that finally there’s reason to be proud of Democrats. Six years of CHIP funding is a very big deal. The whole thing feels like they finally have a plan and are in control. This is good.



For lunch I had a cabbage salad, stewed cabbage, and fermented cabbage. The only thing missing was borscht.

The funny thing is that Klara loves this stuff, too. Not the raw cabbage in the salad because she’s too little but the stewed, the boiled and the fermented kind.


Instead of all those articles on people who are still happy they supported Trump, I’d like to see a few on whether people are still happy they supported Hillary. Because I’m not. If I could go back now, I’d just stay with Bernie. I used to be very worried about his complete lack of understanding of Russia, but Russia isn’t even coming up (I mean, in reality, not in the conspiracy theory world), so it’s all moot anyway.


The scariest thing about the government shutdown is the possibility that nobody will notice.

In Spain, when no government could be elected for over a year in an unprecedented political stalemate, the effect of that on the economy was nil. The markets didn’t give a crap. It was happening as I was writing the conclusion to my book, and it was scary to see how fast everything I had been saying in it was coming true.

The smartest thing for politicians to do is to abstain from all of these “I’m going to go away and let’s see how you manage without me” shows. Because increasingly often the answer is “extremely well, thank you.”

Party Boots

Klara has new rain boots. They are tall, bright-colored, covered in pictures of unicorns, and they light up at every step.

This morning as we were getting ready for school, she turns to me and asks, “Mommy, where are my party boots?”

Nobody identified them as party boots to her. She just decided it on her own.