So folks, tell me honestly. Is taking melatonin a really bad idea?

I’ve never even known what it means to spend less than an hour lying there with my eyes closed until I finally fall asleep. And an hour is a good night. Usually it’s longer.

So I took melatonin for the last 3 nights and it’s been amazing. I feel so rested and energetic, even after getting up at 6. But I fear that something that feels this great must be really shitty.

Does anybody around here know anything about it? You know how I feel about any medication. I see a Tylenol pill and think that a severe heroin addiction is the next step. And obviously I don’t trust anything that Google can find on it.


Self-pity or Self-promotion

Obviously, I had a lot more obstacles on my way than this fellow. But why don’t I feel in the least sorry for myself? Is he faking it because he knows it’s what sells or is he sincere? I’d much rather he were faking it because the alternative is just too embarrassing.

Wacky Tuesdays

Tuesdays are crazy for me. I’m out of the house by 7 am, I prep my courses until 9:30, then I teach 3 classes one after another with no breaks to speak of.

Then I rush home, answer the advising / the association / the union / the sorority related emails, pack up Klara’s dinner and ballet outfit, rush to the daycare, change Klara into ballet gear, drive her to the dance school while she eats her dinner in the backseat, stare stupidly and happily at a wall for the 30 minutes that the class lasts, and then drive her home. She is of course full of energy after the class and eager to have fun. N comes home after 9 pm on Tuesdays, so the evening routine is on me.

So in the midst of all this crazy rushing, I ask my device to tell me the news and it regales me with a story from the NYTimes where an individual endowed with extreme chirpiness informs the world that a border wall is a bad idea because “it promotes borders and divisions between people.” The idea that such smug cluelessness exists is hard to contemplate in and of itself. But having it inflicted on you in the midst of a very busy day is beyond aggravating.

Since when does “news” stand for “very simple-minded and aggressively ignorant people opining obnoxiously on issues completely beyond their meager powers of comprehension”?

Exact Position

Sen. Rounds: “I don’t think the President has an exact position on immigration.”

Because everybody else apparently does. They are not sharing it with anybody but they must have one for sure. Let’s wait and see if somebody will finally reveal what their exact position is.