Public Persona

When people in China inquire about where I’m from and I answer, heads shake, laughter erupts, and people ask: “what were your people THINKING? “ I’m ashamed because the words, I don’t know, seem so inadequate and small when trying to explain this monstrous mess we are now in.

And you don’t stop even for a second to wonder why people think it’s ok to treat you like this? It’s obviously not everybody who is treated with such casual contempt. Maybe it’s time to take a short break from fretting about the fate of humanity and concentrate on what your public persona is like and why.


The Fix

Imagine if Trump managed to not say or do anything noteworthy for a month and just let people enjoy low unemployment and steady growth. Don’t even brag about the economy — just go golfing quietly somewhere. His approval numbers would soar, right?

No, of course, not. Because then outrage would be manufactured out of what he didn’t say, out of rumors, out of musings about what he might have said, etc. An addict will find his fix because addiction is located inside him.

Fake Reality

Did you, folks, hear the hilarious story about London’s most popular restaurant which doesn’t exist? It’s real funny when a restaurant is all that’s at stake. But how many people treat politics like this and confuse the virtual reality of Twitter feeds and FB posts with what actually exists and matters?


Hillary has spent her entire life being extremely consistent in not taking sex scandals seriously. Bill, Huma, now the harasser on her campaign. She doesn’t care about these things. Hey, if she so placidly accepted Huma, a guy who groped an adult is not a big deal at all.

She simply doesn’t think sex scandals matter, irrespective of how outrageous they are.