Mini-Link Encyclopedia

A crappy title, even crappier subtitles, but a great article on how the Dems are doing all they can to keep losing. It’s truly infuriating but if you look at what is happening at the local level wherever you are, chances are you’ll see something similar.

I’d so love to see this amazing exhibit but I’m not in New York. Those who are, don’t miss your chance to see it.

I had no idea anybody could strike me as even more vulgar and ridiculous than Melania Trump, but anything is possible, it seems.

Speaking of which, don’t you just love our President’s dedication to isolationism?


Worker Solidarity

At the grocery store, a very young man tries to withdraw $40 from the ATM. Two $20 bills come out and then a crumpled third bill emerges. The young man panicks, tried to push it back in, but the bill won’t go back.

“I’m sorry, do you know what I should do?” the young man asks the store worker who is passing by.

“Take it,” the worker replies.

“It’s not mine,” the young guy explains. “I only withdrew $40.”

“Take it. It’s a bonus the machine is giving out today,” the store worker says.

“Oh,” says the young guy. “Oh. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks!” And he runs away, beaming.

The worker turns around and sees me waiting in the corner with the stroller.

“Of course, the bank gives no bonus,” he explains. “Like it ever would. But the kid looked like he could really use the money.”

Protect the Fraudsters

Three other Democratic members of Congress from New York showed up at the rally in support of Ragbir: Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Rep. Joe Crowley and Rep. Yvette Clarke.

They say the government targeted the 53-year-old native of Trinidad because of his activism as the head of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York that helps immigrants fight deportation.

The government says he should be deported because of a 2001 wire fraud conviction involving a New Jersey mortgage company where Ragbir worked that was caught up in a fraud scheme.

Yeah, well, if Democrats weren’t interested in prosecuting these vicious mortgage fraudsters even back in 2009, why should they care about their crimes now?

What’s really interesting is that they can’t seem to find any immigrants in need of protection who are not rich criminal jerks. There must be a shortage of decent immigrants facing deportation (said I with great sarcasm, obviously.)

Low-fat Diet, Anybody?

Also, another question. Is anybody here on a low-fat diet? Can you recommend any books? I’ve just been to the store, and I found everything but. I don’t buy recipe books online because it’s almost guaranteed the purchase won’t work out this way.

The Ukrainian diet is traditionally high-fat, high-sodium, so I automatically veer towards this kind of stuff, and as we have recently seen, I’m not managing to unlearn these unhealthy practices on my own.

Elderberry and TED

Folks, does anybody use elderberry syrup as a supplement to strengthen the immune system? Anything to share about it?

As a reward for this boring question, I can share that I watched my very first TED talk yesterday. I watched it without sound, and that was really nice. I discovered that the biggest predictor of longevity is the quantity of your daily interactions with people who are non-essential to your life (so not family members, not friends). The second biggest predictor is the existence of profound relationships in your life. The next predictors are, of course, not smoking and not drinking. So basically it’s all about emotional health and well-being. The predictors that are not related to the emotional health (getting flu vaccines and air quality) rank much lower in importance.