Musical Chairs

Also, here is what I don’t understand in this educational system. Why are kids constantly moved into new classrooms, with new teachers, and new kids? Klara has been at this daycare for only 15 months, but she’s already going into her fourth classroom, with the fourth set of teachers. Is it just this daycare, or is it the same everywhere?

It’s so bizarre because the most important thing for small kids is stability, predictability, and absence of chaos. And this way, chaos is generated purposefully. What is the pedagogic rationale behind this? Does anyone know? It’s surely not because it’s more convenient for the teachers because it’s clearly not.

Another thing I wonder if there is any stability in terms of class composition in actual school. Where I come from, you enter school at 7 and stay until you are 17. Unless you are switching schools, you will stay with the same kids for those ten years, growing up together and making lifelong friends. There is one teacher for the first 3 years who teaches all of the subjects. And after that, you get different teachers for different subjects but a single lead teacher who is there and who knows you until you graduate.

What is the system like here? Is there any permanence that is fostered at school? Or is it constant musical chairs like at the daycare?


I brought Klara to daycare today, and immediately she’s surrounded by friends, showing off her dress, telling them about her dance lesson yesterday. I’m trying to say goodbye, and she whispers, “Go away, mommy, go away,” and even tries to button my coat to speed up my departure because I’m cramping her style in front of the friends.

It’s an amazing feeling.