I ❤️ February

February is the best month because that’s when mystery authors release their new books. A new John Lescroart! A new Lisa Gardner! A new Jonathan Kellerman! Even a new Elizabeth George!

Who needs work, anyway?

I tried reading Spanish mysteries but there is truly nothing worse. As much as I love Spanish-language literature, I can’t stand mysteries in Spanish. They are all so painfully pompous.


4 thoughts on “I ❤️ February”

  1. “I tried reading Spanish mysteries”

    Some Spanish mystery movies are okay but I can understand how Spanish preferences would lead to bad mystery novels. I have a couple I haven’t gotten around to because I want ot avoid disappointment…

    Polish mysteries are mixed, I love cheap police commie novels from the 1970s and 80s but the most famous mystery author…. reading her stuff is like sticking pins in my fingers…. there are supposed to be some better recent ones but the ones I’ve read are taste novels (flimsy structures for the author to obsess about bad western pop culture, yech).


  2. Finally!!!!!! I find someone with the same opinions about Spanish mystery novels. 😄😚😚😚 I can rarely finish any. I actually stopped trying to start reading them!


  3. In related news, I’ve seen the first couple of episodes of “La trêve” a Belgian mystery mini-series and it also looks like it’s partly about the liquid modernity if not so much crisis (so far, Belgium had no government at the time to enact austerity measures so they recovered more quickly than further south).

    I don’t know if it is or will be available in the US but so far it’s really good.


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