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A fantastic essay by Lionel Shriver. There is a paywall but you can get free access for 7 days, and the article is definitely worth it.

And these people are going to sneer at Fox News! We are destroying the media. We are doing it to ourselves. And then whine about the results. This is so self-defeating and pathetic.

The fear of the Norwegian flag. Love you, Americans, but you’ve got to stop navel-gazing so intensely.

Even after college nobody wants to hire them. Imagine what it’s like if they don’t even go to college.

If you are not following the scandal with the Governor of Missouri, you should. This guy is such a loser.

As if the #MeToo movement hasn’t been discredited enough, it’s now been joined by Monica Lewinsky. Turns out she’s a victim, too.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Link Encyclopedia

    1. Great link, thank you.
      This is the best quote: ““I wonder,” she soon said. “Your dad was a liberal, and your mom is a liberal, and your grandpa is definitely a liberal. . . . I’m trying to think how this all got started.””


  1. I read Lionel Shriver’s essay w/o having to register.

    Also liked the article linked by Anonymous at 12:46. This family sounded disfunctional. Could his rejection of Liberalism be a subconscious rejection of them? His grandmother says “You have all these people in your family who are so liberal and so compassionate”, but his mother doesn’t speak with her daughter and his dad left him, so I don’t see too much compassion there.


    1. Of course, he’s trying to bug them on purpose. It’s typical teenage rebellion, and the more you argue with them, the worse it gets. At 16, I declared I’d never get a higher education or a job because the only thing a woman should be was wife and mother. My father wigged out. Which was the whole point.

      This is where all these young neo-Nazis come from. They are disaffected and lost kids who have nothing to define them so they look for the peer group that makes them feel important. The tragedy is that they can do a whole lot of damage. But they were messed up a long time before this, so their rebellion isn’t silly and childish like mine was. It’s actually very harmful and frankly scary.

      But mommy and grandma in the story are dumb as hair.


  2. This is wonderful writing, but why don’t people examine why THIS is what a resentful asshole with nothing in his own life decides to build his identity around? Plenty of people have parents like this – he’s not specially wounded by any means.

    It’s hard for me to have sympathy for such a coddled and spoiled young man when I know people who are more isolated, have less education, & were out of work for longer who didn’t go full fucking Nazi, or violent and who are way less obnoxious to be around.

    If he can figure out how to plan barbecues and go to rallies he could figure out a way to arrange transportation for himself, JFC. He obviously can read otherwise why sit and read all of this crap on FB so he could find another fucking hobby. I think “not setting up your family to be doxxed” is a pretty low bar. Why are either of his family members putting up with this?

    His mother could easily drop his pathetic ass off at the library on a regular basis. At least it would be a change of locale and he’d be forced to interact with people outside of his self created bubble even tangentially. Plus there are all kinds of resources there. There are all kinds of people who have trouble with cars and they solicit help in FB groups to find employment and people respond with good answers, I’m sure there’s one in his area.

    Why are his mother and grandmother claiming they’re not Nazis? This is absurd. “I’m a liberal but I let my grandson host a white nationalist bbq?” “I’m not a racist some of my closest friends are black and Jewish?” “The fact I let my son sit in his room at all hours of the day as as a sad Nazi doing nothing else on my wifi has nothing to do with my personal beliefs?” And it’s not either are drowning in money.


    1. All true. I think he acts as a conduit for expressing some hidden feelings they all have but don’t dare to voice.

      It’s interesting that he told Grandma he would leave the organization if she asked him to. And she… didn’t. That’s pretty telling.


      1. Maybe having a nazi in the family helps them function? (I’m remembering a stanley diamond article about a family with a schizophrenic member whose therapy threatened its functioning)


        1. Absolutely. Every dysfunctional family needs a scapegoat to help everybody else shine brighter. You can’t notice anybody else messing up when there’s an actual Nazi around.


  3. Melania Trump got green card through program for people with ‘extraordinary ability’: report
    The EB-1 program is reserved for people such as academic researchers and multinational business executives, as well as people who have shown “sustained national and international acclaim,” the Post noted

    “We called it the Einstein visa,” former Rep. Bruce Morrison (D-Conn.), at the time the chairman of the House subcommittee that wrote the Immigration Act of 1990 defining EB-1, told the newspaper.

    The first lady was dating Donald Trump when she received her green card. The former model had been featured in runway shows in Europe and had been included in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.
    The Post reported that Melania Trump — who came to the U.S. from Slovenia in 1996 — was one of five people from Slovenia to get green cards in 2001 through the program.



    1. Ah, it’s how I got mine. I presented my publications, my degrees, and testimony from people in the scholarly community. And N, by the way, was not eligible.

      I’m in interesting company, it seems.


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